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Storage Containers at Doncaster Storage in Doncaster

There are numerous Doncaster storage options available, depending on your requirements. Warehouse storage is ideal for a whole host of items from a single pallet load upwards. For a totally secure option for which you have the only key, a storage container may offer an easily accessible and cost effective option.
Storage Containers at JJS Storage The safe, and effective storage of your items is paramount to us here at Doncaster Storage LTD. Our containers have a range of features to cope with the storage of a whole range of personal items. Air vents are built in, to reduce humidity, necessary for furniture, soft furnishings and other valuable items that require an element of climate control.

A stainless steel bar locking system ensures a water tight seal and effective security for the storage container.
Our containers are fully portable, robust, safe and secure steel, fully effective against the weather and vermin.
Container locks are protected from the weather and vandalism with an anti vandal lock protection box, fitted as standard to all our rented containers. This has the added benefit of protecting the lock itself from the detrimental effects of the British weather.

Steel bar container fixings and rubber, weather proof seals also come as standard. Internal lashing straps are provided to secure loose items inside the container.
Containers Lock at JJS Storage
Containers at JJS Storage Doncaster Storage containers come in two types, a general storage container and a container specifically designed to hold furniture. General containers are wind and water proof and are available in 20ft and 40ft sizes. These are ideal for storing a range of general items, tools, building trade materials and equipment.

Our furniture storage containers have additional ventilation to maximise airflow within the container and extensive internal lashing straps to provide anchor points for the safe and secure storage of furniture and household items.
Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise on the best container for your purposes.

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